Journal entry 00 – Introduction

    Welcome to our digital journal, our office’s log. Here we will share our ideas, thoughts and experiences of the day to day of our practice.

    We aim to use this journal as a way of documenting our process and our thinking and at the same time give you an insight into our way of working, ideas we explore, conversations we have, places we visit.

    Through our experience working with property developers, builders and house owners in the last few years and talking with local councils, consultants and other fellow architects we have also learnt a lot about the development process. We have seen how people approach building a new house, or a new apartment building. We know how decisions are made within Councils and we understand the complexities involved in the development of major projects.

    We will share our experiences, what we have learnt along the way, what the typical mistakes are and how we can find solutions together moving forward

    We will focus on 3 main topics.

    • Ideas on the table. We will share ideas and references we are looking at and explain what good design can achieve and what are the options available for you. Because there is a big world out there full of interesting things.
    • Our work process. We will give you insights of how we work with our clients and what is our thought process so you understand better how we can help you.
    • Stories from the trenches. A behind the scenes look at the development process and the most common mistakes and funny situations we come across, and how a different approach can better help your project achieve its goals. How to design your development process and make it work in your favour to achieve a better design. Because you need a project of your project.

    A TAMOSPAYA we can sometimes be a bit unconventional. We do not approach the design process like most people do, so our articles and our inputs might be a bit different to what you are used. We will try to keep it light and give you something to think about.

    We think the current design process is broken and creates average results and we believe we can do better. Most of the time when looking at the current state of architecture, at our cities and at the development process we do not like what we see, and we do not like the frustration in the people involved in the process. We believe there is a different approach, a more honest approach. Building is exciting and the process should be engaging and inspiring.

    Some articles will focus on small house projects; some will be about how we can design better cities or the complexities of developing new public buildings. We will jump from big to small, to private to public, from inside to outside to give you an overall perspective of our philosophy, our work methodology and our understanding of architecture and the built environment.

    We hope you find it useful and you get a couple of laughs along the way.


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