TAMOSPAYA is a young architecture and urban design office based in Sydney dedicated to developing high performance, innovative designs through a collaborative approach and a research led process. Our projects range from single residential houses, to apartment blocks, civic and public architecture, and urban masterplans.

Our team has extensive experience both in Australia and overseas having worked and collaborated with some of the best architecture firms in Chicago, London, Madrid, Delhi and Sydney. With a wide range of backgrounds, our team´s expertise covers everything from strategic planning, to concept design, documentation, and project delivery, offering support to our clients throughout the whole development process.

The office is project driven and responds to each commission with a customized team that best fits the project requirements in order to present a final product that performs at the highest level in every field. We adjust our work method to your needs making each project a unique design process; an interaction between site, programme, client and TAMOSPAYA.

For us it’s about transforming project requirements into
inspiring environments

Collaborative Process, Innovative Design & Inspiring Environments

Our Office and our Process are designed to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their projects through a close collaboration based on thorough exploration, rigorous analysis and fresh and innovative thinking.

TAMOSPAYA is a design studio, but it is also, and above all, a design process. A process aimed at developing the best possible solution for each project through rigorous research, extensive exploration, questioning and interaction. We believe the key to a successful project is being able to establish and work with the real constraints, problems and goals of both, the environment and the client.

Our clients are at the centre of the process, helping us set up the project´s priorities and decision making criteria. Whether it might be the budget, the market, the buildability, the uniqueness of the site, family values, a specific user profile, or any other aspect, it is only by a thorough exploration and conversation with our clients that we are able to find the key elements of each project.

Our design process helps us understand, analyse and explore the current social and cultural values, needs, and conventions, and translate them into innovative spatial environments that provide a unique response tailored to the specifics of each project and client.

stands for and is committed to:

RE-THINKING programme
RE-CONNECTING environments
RE-ARRANGING information

Housing Typologies Studies

Tower Massing Explorations

Programme reconfiguration diagrams

Architecture is the translation of society’s values, needs and understandings into high-performing spatial environments.

What is society really demanding from architecture? and how can we respond better to those demands? These are two questions we continually ask ourselves as we work in each of our projects.

As architecture and society get more and more complex, it has become evident that the role of architecture needs to evolve. It is not enough to design something practical or buildable, it is not enough to build a nice object, or to produce a functional solution. If you truly want to respond to our demanding environment you have to go that extra mile and provide things no one asked you for because it’s difficult to put it in words. That’s our job.

We consider our job as a deep immersion in the social and cultural context of each project. A deep and thorough analysis of the conditions of each site, trying to find new ways of understanding and manipulating them.

At TAMOSPAYA we have the skills and the responsibility to watch, document, understand and shape the socio-cultural conditions that our era has produced and turn them into clear, legible and organized spatial environments that can be lived and enjoyed in new and fascinating ways. In order to do so, we have had to adapt our work method.

We believe in a collaborative, interactive process, in a research based design and in well-reasoned solid outcomes not based on appearances or styles.

We believe in an inclusive, holistic approach to the design of a building, where all parts are important and are designed at the same time. We do not split between exterior and interior, between plans and elevations, between architecture and landscape.

At TAMOSPAYA, you will find yourself at the centre of a process that will transform your brief into an outstanding environment.

International Background / Local Experience

TAMOSPAYA began as a collaboration of a small dedicated team of architects in Spain in 2004. Key projects of the initial years include Alcala´s Space for Entrepreneurs in Madrid´s periphery and 40 affordable housing apartments in Madrid’s South. The team also worked on several residential fit outs, house designs and extensions, and developed a wide range of large scale proposals across Europe.

Since 2012, TAMOSPAYA has been involved in several projects and design competitions across Australia, from Hobart, to Adelaide and Canberra. These projects include among others, the Taroona Forest Houses in Tasmania, a new design for The Lodge in Canberra, a proposal for the Green Square Aquatic Centre, the Bondi Container House and a new Civic and Cultural Hub on the site of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Over this time the team has developed first-hand knowledge of the planning system in NSW through their role in numerous residential developments in the Greater Sydney region during the last 5 years. We are familiar in dealing with Local Councils, Design Review Panels, the Greater Sydney Commission, the Joint regional Planning Panels and the Department of Planning and Environment.

The office has a thorough understanding of the residential standards in NSW and the Apartment Design Guideline. The office also has a good understanding of the construction process and the industry standards when it comes to construction and site management, having been involved in the delivery of several large scale, complex, residential developments for the private sector in the last 5 years.

During this time, we have built a great network of experienced and efficient secondary consultants to help us through the design process and ensure a high quality outcome.

Space for Entrepreneurs. Alcala. Spain

The Lodge. Canberra. Australia

Taroona Forest Houses. Hobart. Australia

Founder and Director of TAMOSPAYA, Pedro is originally from Madrid where he completed his architectural degree in 2004. He is a registered architect in Australia and the United Kingdom with over 14 years of experience worldwide.

Throughout his career Pedro has lived and worked in several countries across the world gaining a rich and diverse background of the architectural world. Among these places are offices like SOM in London, UrbanLab in Chicago and b720 architects in Madrid. In Australia Pedro worked for two and a half years at COX Architects in Sydney and 3 years at Olsson & Associates Architects prior to starting TAMOSPAYA. This global experience has given him a broad understanding of the architectural profession and its challenges.

Pedro’s main focus and interest is architecture design and theory and strategic planning. He believes in a bottom-up design approach based on exploration and research, which is the basis of TAMOSPAYA’s methodology. For Pedro, architectural design is a collaborative process that evolves and deepens with each project and feeds and improves from the circumstances and the context.

At TAMOSPAYA, Pedro runs the day to day operations of the office and is the main design lead for all the office‘s architecture and urban design projects.


NSW Reg. Architect. No. 10235
UK Reg. Architect No. 074526J

M. Arch. 2004 UPM Madrid
MBA. 2007 UCM Madrid